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The Groby Sings’ Management Team has reluctantly decided to suspend Groby Sings’ rehearsals from now on, because of the coronavirus.  Monday’s rehearsals will therefore not take place.

If you know anybody who comes to Groby Sings who might not have received an email and will not see this web site, please pass on the news to them.

We’ve taken the decision very reluctantly, because we know how important Groby Sings is to our singers, not just for the enjoyment of singing but also for the social contact that is so much part of what we do.  However, we’ve had to recognise that a significant proportion of our choir as a whole are older people, who are more likely to have a severe reaction to the virus if they catch it.  And our rehearsals are held in a relatively confined space, in which we sit close together for a couple of hours - meaning that if just one person unwittingly brings the virus into the Club, it could easily be spread to other singers.

The government have not yet said that groups such as ours should not meet, but we think that they are moving towards that position.  In any case, their main concern is to delay the spread of the virus in the whole community in order to avoid a sudden epidemic that overwhelms the NHS - whereas our concern is to safeguard the health of our individual singers, especially the more vulnerable ones.  

We have not yet made a final decision about the concerts.  That will depend on how things are nearer the time.  So, in the meantime, please do sing along to your CD - just in case we resume the rehearsals a few weeks before the concert dates.  If the concerts don’t take place in June, then you know what we’ll be singing in the autumn - Calamity Jane, and Simon and Garfunkel!  

Some of you have paid your ‘door money’ in advance for the whole season.  If we don’t resume rehearsals this season, our intention is to carry your money forward to the next season.  

In the meantime, please look after yourself, by following the official health and hygiene advice (available on the NHS website).  And please look after each other, especially those who live alone - perhaps by ringing them up for a chat, to check they’re OK, or offering to shop for them.  


It’s sad that Groby Sings, which for many people is a weekly time of joy in their lives, has been caught up in what is turning out to be a national crisis.  We look forward to seeing you all at the other end of it!  In the meantime, keep singing!


Groby Sings Management Team

The Fifteenth Season - Currently suspended


'Groby Sings On the Road' featuring songs from Calamity Jane, Simon and Garfunkel and other travelling hits.

All rehearsals at The Club, Groby on Mondays started on 24th February 2020.

Performances: booking for 27th & 28th June 2020 has been cancelled by the school.



Groby Sings Under the Stars

Performances were 30th November & 1st December 2019.


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Sorry, this section is yet to be updated. 

We acknowledge with gratitude the support received this season from the following sponsors:

Singing Friends

Wendie Woo the Smiley Steward

Rambling Rector

Three Old Friends

Afternoon Songbirds

The Singing Gardener


Three Amigos

Classic Cuts 

Happy Face and the Geeky Scientist

Singing Sisters

Solo Mia

Two Amazing Altos

Six Golden Girls

Groby Family

B. Bellringer


who have jointly funded the production of our words booklets.

Registered Charity 1180490


Registered Charity 1180490

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